Plants to Add Interest to Your Winter Garden

pic_08_smlThe following plants, shrubs, and trees grow all year long but have particularly interesting features for winter or features that appear during this time. Plants with unusual fruit, bark, and shapes are perfect picks for adding interest to your winter landscape. Enjoy!


Evergreen Trees and Shrubs Specific Fall/Winter Interest
Alaska False Cypress Drooping foliage
American arborvitae Good overall winter shrub
Boxwood Broadleaf evergreen, interesting shape
Bristlecone pine White resin spots
Colorado blue spruce Blue needles
Douglas-fir Unique cones
Eastern red cedar Nice bark, foliage, and fruits
Eastern white pine Grey/blue needles
Juniper Interesting colors, shapes, and berries depending on the cultivar
Mugo pine Great winter color
Ponderosa pine Rust colored bark
Sawara False Cypress Thin, feathery foliage
Scotch pine Orange bark
Plants/Trees with Unusual Shapes or Colors
Bald cypress Attractive deciduous conifer
Bamboo Interesting shapes and colors available
Blue beech Gray bark
Cherry tree Beautiful bark, lenticels
Cotoneaster Attractive shape for winter
Corkscrew willow Twisting branches
Kentucky coffee tree Beautiful bark
Ornamental Pear Different varieties available with attractive bark, fruits, leaves, and fruits
Paperbark maple Peeling bark
River birch White, peeling bark
Shrub dogwoods Red bark
Weeping Mulberry Nice shape
Weeping willow Yellow, drooping branches
Plants/Trees with Interesting Fruits, Berries, Seeds
American holly Females have attractive berries
Bayberry Grey berries
Chokeberry Colorful berries
Japanese Pagoda Tree Fruits and seeds form “chains” and last until spring
Catalpa Long seed pods
Ornamental Pear Different varieties available with attractive bark, fruits, leaves, and fruits
Oregon holly grape Yellow flowers in spring
Pyracantha (Firethorn) Orange/red berries, evergreen foliage
Christmas fern Used for indoor Christmas decorations
English ivy Good groundcover for general purpose landscaping
Euphorbia Some winter hardy varieties available
Hens and Chicks Unusual shapes
Japanese spurge Good groundcover for shady spots
Purpleleaf wintercreeper Colorful foliage
Vinca (Common periwinkle) Good overall groundcover with flowers

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